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Today Europe and the European Union are confronted with worldwide streams of refugees and crises in their homelands. In particular refugees from Afghanistan, Syria, Iran and Iraq take their way through Turkey on the "Balkan route" to Europe. In the year 2015 most of the refugees wanted to go to Germany, Sweden and Austria. This is the reason why we have chosen partner organisations from those 4 countries in order to work on solutions together. 

Migrants, refugees and asylum seekers do not have the same possibilities like people living in European countries. Some people never went to school or did it only for a short time; there are big gaps in the level of education.

Project's results platform of the Erasmus+:




Kick Off Meeting: 06.-09.November 2016, Klaffer, AUSTRIA: Timetable

Training Activity: 01.-07.May 2017, Bad-Nauheim, GERMANY: Timetable

Project Meeting: 09.-12. October 2017, Izmir, TURKEY: Timetable

Project Meeting: 14.-17. May 2018, Uppsala, SWEDEN: Timetable

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Germany- „Talent Campus“

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Sweden- „Alskäde barn“

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Austria – „Junior-Kreativ-Werkstatt“

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