Bayrakli Halk Egitimi Merkezi, TURKEY

Bayraklı Halk Egitimi Merkezi (HEM) is one of the public adult education centres in Izmir, which is the third largest city of Turkey.
The main aim is to organize courses and activities for social and cultural development of people, to help citizens to pass from consuming to producing and to support them with tolerance and respect.
They provide literacy courses available for illiterate and disadvantaged citizens. 
We provide first level, second level and advanced level courses and exams for our citizens who have migrated from these regions.

Recently, over 100.000 refugees from Syria have come to Izmir.
These people had to leave their lives in their homeland and have only brought their hopes for future with them.  They are struggling in a new culture without knowing anything about it. It is really hard for them to obtain basic needs for their families.
Therefore they need urgent help to establish new lives. The key strategy here lies in the hands of local authorities. Many precautions have been taken on this issue in Turkey on national and local levels. In Izmir, authorities have formed some committees to solve refugees' problems. One of them is the committee of education issue of Syrian refugees.

 As the refugees are quite disadvantaged in terms of jobs in our society, we believe we can also make use of the staff who teach vocational and technical classes for both men and women. Even folk dance, music and other hobby classes help them socialize andintegrate themselves in to the society much more easily.



Osmangazi Mah.Yavuz Cad. No: 305
TR310 – İzmir
Phone: +902323458878