Studiefrämjandet i Uppsala län, SWEDEN

Studiefrämjandet is one of the largest study associations for adult education in Sweden (Studiefrämjandet i Uppsala län, is a part of it). It works mainly in the field of non-formal life-long learning. It has been part of the tradition of non-formal adult education - folkbildning - in Sweden since our foundation in 1959. It organizes study circles, cultural events, seminars and projects in all of Sweden´s municipalities. Everyone is welcome to study with Studiefrämjandet.

It has a strong commitment to socially and culturally disadvantaged groups in society and to groups with special needs such as immigrants, disabled people and the unemployed.

Since many years Studiefrämjandet makes study circles for migrant people in different places. This is a very good method to explain rules and habits of Swedish culture to other people. With simple methods of illustrated cards nearly without language the Swedish life is represented and brought in a very comprehensive way to migrants.
We lead centres of adult education in some different parts of Uppsala.


Portalgatan 2B
754 23 Uppsala
Phone: +4618194600