Coordinator: Familienakademie Mühlviertel, AUSTRIA

The Familienakademie Mühlviertel works in the field of adult education, especially with parents and families.  At the moment Familienakademie Mühlviertel runs 17 parental child centres with 85 000 contacts to participants every year. It organizes playing groups for children, open meetings for young parents, inputs and workshops with questions of education, prevention of addiction and force, themes for fathers, intercultural groups and many things more. These offers are especially suited for parents.

The parental child centres offer the possibility to exchange experiences, to acquire key competences and learn in groups. There are also topics like integration, migration and prevention presented and discussed. Activities especially with fathers, games without winners or losers, a project named "family and neighbourhood (FUN)", activities for social justice etc. are carried out with a big success. It is possible for everybody to take part in the activities; especially disadvantaged people are targeted by the offered program.

The Familienakademie Mühlviertel organizes family weekends for Austrian and migrant families together. This is a very good exchange of culture, problems and different ways of living.
The "Junior-Kreativ-Werkstatt" is a program for children and parents in the holidays. Children learn languages and different cultures.This increases individual chances of children in life and facilitates integration into society.